Egyptian Beauty Remedies

In ancient Egypt, it was important for both the men and the women to go to great lengths to care for their appearance and to exercise good hygiene. Many of the beauty remedies used by the ancient Egyptians are still very much in use today, if not in their natural form then in a more modern one. Here are just a few of the Egyptian beauty remedies that have been passed on to us.

1-    Almond oil was commonly used in cosmetics and perfumes because it helps alleviate dry skin, acts as an anti-aging component and has a soft aroma.

2-    Eye makeup was applied daily by both men and women as both to intensify their beauty and to keep the sun’s intense rays out of their eyes. The Egyptians used kohl to outline their eyes in a feline shape and paint in their eyebrows in green or black colors.

3-    Herbs such as rosemary and fenugreek were commonly used to prevent hair loss. At times, castor oil mixed with almond oil was also used for this purpose, but an added benefit of this remedy is that it also helped hair to grow long and thick. Goat dung was used to promote hair growth.

4-    Perfumes were made from combining roots, flowers, plants and animal fat to create a sweet smelling concoction that would last for years.

5-    Olive oil had many uses in ancient Egypt. It was used as moisturizer for extra dry or problematic skin, eye makeup remover and as an anti-aging remedy.

6-    Aloe Vera was used for minor burns and for its skin smoothing properties.

7-    The noble class of the ancient Egyptians commonly bathed in milk because it helps to refresh and exfoliate the skin. After bathing they would use myrrh to keep moisture in their skin.
Today, it is still common to find many of these ingredients in our beauty products. We have the option of buying soaps that contain milk, olive oil or almond that promise to soften or skin and act as anti-aging agents. We can also buy vitamins that contain fenugreek so that our bodies become more balanced. The possibilities of using natural ingredients are endless and although it’s easy for us to go to the store and buy products containing these ingredients, it’s also a good idea to incorporate them into our diets.

Here’s one final beauty trick, this one made popular by Cleopatra herself. We didn’t include it in the list because it’s not a beauty remedy commonly practiced in the U.S., however, it is sometimes used in Europe. Cleopatra was known to bathe in beer because the yeast and vitamins are good for the skin! Thoughts?

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