Daily Beauty Routine Checklist

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Every day you wake up and start your beauty routine. It’s what you’ve always done and it seems to be working for you, but have you ever wondered if maybe you’re missing something? We did some research on what the basic daily beauty routine should entail, and here’s what we came up with:


  • Exercise.
  • Shower using shampoos and soaps with natural ingredients.
  • Shave using a fresh, sharp razor and a thick, rich shaving cream.
  • Moisturize face and body with light moisturizers immediately after showering for best results. Apply eye cream if necessary. Use tinted moisturizers for a healthy glow.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Pat hair with towel to remove excess moisture and then blow dry on cool or warm, never hot.
  • Style hair as you like it. Avoid daily heat styling if possible, but if your style requires it, use high quality styling tools to minimize damage.
  • Apply makeup:
    • Start with concealer to cover up dark circles and any blemishes.
    • Use a lightweight foundation to even out your skin tone.
    • If you use a liquid foundation, follow with powder to eliminate shine.
    • Lightly apply blush or bronzer to your cheekbones, chin and nose. Blend until it looks natural.
    • Use a natural-looking eye shadow.
    • Apply mascara to top lashes. Curl using an eyelash curler before applying mascara for added volume and length.
    • Apply lipstick or lip gloss.
    • Put on deodorant after putting on your shirt to avoid getting it all over the place.
    • Spray a delicate amount of perfume on your wrists and neck.
    • Double-check in the mirror. Everything looks good?


  • Touch up if necessary and always keep the following things on hand:
    • Hand sanitizer.
    • Chap stick and lipstick or lip gloss.
    • Concealer.
    • Powder.
    • Deodorant.
    • Baby wipes.
    • Stain remover stick.


  • Remove makeup using cotton balls and a top quality makeup remover.
  • Wash face thoroughly using an oil-free face wash.
  • Moisturize face and body using heavier creams for the night time.
  • Brush teeth, floss, and apply teeth-whitening products if necessary.
  • Clip, file and polish fingernails and toenails at night when you have more free time to do a good job.
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