Spring Nail Polish Colors For 2011

In the past, nail polish colors for spring have generally been a bit on the safe side. Anyone getting their nails done knew that if they chose a pastel color they would be safe. This spring however, the trend in nail polish has thrown an unexpected curveball into the mix. Check out some spring polish colors and trends that are both playful and energetic.

Metallic Colors in hot pink, gunmetal, blue, and gold have made a strong comeback. Take this nail polish trend one step further by painting your nails with a metallic nail polish and adding a layer over it with a graphic art design or creating a foiled look. One more tip on this trend- the more sparkle, the better!

Sheer and Neutral Colors create a clean, polished look. If this look is too simple for you, take it one step further by getting a moon manicure by painting your nails with natural colors and black moon shaped crescent on the tip of your nails (think French manicure but rounder) and even possibly at the top of your nail bed.

Coral Nail Polish has traditionally been a strong color for spring and remains so this season. You can apply the polish and leave it as is, but we like to take it further by adding touches of rhinestones to the nails. Add just enough bling to make your nails sparkle in the sunlight.

Blue Nail Polish has made a strong comeback this spring. Whether it’s dark and shimmery or a light pastel shade, you can’t go wrong. If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can combine it with nail decals or get some pop artwork done on your nails. We love the look of white polka dots on pastel blue nails.
As always pastel nail polish colors such as pink or marshmallow will be in style this spring. If you’re more traditional in your taste but want to try something new, we recommend using a traditional spring nail polish color, but one that is sparkly and metallic as well. Once you feel comfortable with this, you can try one of the more daring nail polish trends. Whatever you decide, remember that this spring the main influence in nail colors is fun, so be sure to incorporate that in your style.

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