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Incorporating “Green” into Your Beauty Routine – Part II docteur levallois perret In our last post, we asked, “What does it mean to be eco-friendly in the beauty industry?” and since habits often start in the home, we covered some ways to make your personal beauty regimen more eco-friendly. The next step is applying the green philosophy at work. Here are ways to take an environmentally-conscious approach […] country a cluny Read more

Incorporating “Green” into Your Beauty Routine – Part I

hintere boxen ansteuern a6 4b blaupunkt What does it mean to be eco-friendly in the beauty industry? From sourcing ingredients grown or procured in an environmentally-responsible way to recyclable packaging to low-impact practices such as using energy-efficient appliances, there are a lot of opportunities to incorporate earth-friendly beauty practices. If you’ve thought about greening your beauty routine, here are a couple […] la téméraire 2017 Read more
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