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3 Hair Dying Tips For Blondes Going Brunette

These tips are given to us by one of our instructors at our West Palm Beach beauty school Here are some simple suggestions to follow for any of the ladies (or gents) out there who wish go from blond to brunette. 1. Don’t choose too dark of a color. This is important to bear in […]

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Hair Dying Tips From Orlando Hair Stylists

The inspiration for today’s post comes from a fabulous hair stylist from one of our own at our Orlando Beauty School. Coloring your hair is a great way make your hair look better and get you more easily noticed in a large crowd. We wanted to share some quick advice to help you color your hair […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Damage When Dying Your Hair

Most hair dyes these days are made with damage prevention in mind. However, that is not to say that there are not still some potential pitfalls in this tricky task that can lead hair damage disaster. Some hair dyes and their procedures can lead to over processed hair that is dry and rough. For this […]

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