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3 Hair Dying Tips For Blondes Going Brunette

aufladedauer lg p7 These tips are given to us by one of our instructors at our West Palm Beach beauty school Here are some simple suggestions to follow for any of the ladies (or gents) out there who wish go from blond to brunette. 1. Don’t choose too dark of a color. This is important to bear in […]

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3 Tips to Help Keep Your Newly Dyed Hair Fresh Longer

ecole rousseau colmar This week we have been talking about hair dyes and taking care of your colored hair. Today we are going to go talk about helping you color last longer. Here are some three basic tips for anyone out there wanting their new color stay better looking longer: 1. If you dye your hair, don’t get any other […]

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Hair Dying Tips From Orlando Hair Stylists

professeur béguin lille mécanique here The inspiration for today’s post comes from a fabulous hair stylist from one of our own at our Orlando Beauty School. Coloring your hair is a great way make your hair look better and get you more easily noticed in a large crowd. We wanted to share some quick advice to help you color your hair […] colin neuvy sautour Read more

Keratin Straightening: Pros and Cons grave halloween hd movie download These days it seems like we can’t stop hearing about Keratin hair straightening. With all this talk you might be trying to decide for yourself whether or not it’s a good idea. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons that should help you make up your mind. Pros Less Frizz Hair is left silkier […]

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The Complementary Make-up According To Your Hair Color ruhr nachrichten werne When it comes to finding your perfect makeup palette, let your hair color be your guide. Not all makeup palette colors go well with all hair colors and sometimes it can be hard to break the habit of using colors that you’re accustomed to. When you look at yourself in the mirror pay attention to […]

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