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How To Do Vampire Make Up

http://cityacross.live/2019/06 kind pickel analfalte With the popularity of Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries on the rise a lot of people have been trying out their hand at vampire beauty.  However the modern day vampire look is not too similar to the traditional goth look that we’re so used to. Today’s vampire is  much more romanticized and human […]

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Futuristic Makeup

sätze bauen arbeitsblatt When we think of the way people will look in the future we always imagine a cool, clean edgy look. We envision well groomed hair, neat form fitting clothes and edgy makeup. It’s an idea that people have been playing with for years and one that isn’t difficult to capture today with all of the […]

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Eye Makeup Ideas

montale moon aoud inhaltsstoffe see Many women are weary of trying out a new technique with their eye makeup so they use the same colors and techniques every day and for different occasions. In reality it doesn’t have to be that difficult. With a little practice and some imagination you can create a wide variety of looks ranging from playful […]

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Hello Kitty Nail Art

welche tiere halten winterstarre It’s really no wonder that hello kitty nail art has become so popular today considering the cult following that Hello Kitty has had since 1974. We’re seeing everything from nail decals to press on nails featuring the cute little feline. So in honor of everyone favorite white cat with a bow on her left ear […]

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Punk Makeup

Now that the runways have been flooded with punk fashion punk makeup is a big trend for the fall. Before you start running for the hills keep in mind that the punk makeup that is in style this season is not as drastic as the punk looks that we’ve seen in the past and is […]

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