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3 Tips for Hydrated Winter Skin ordre musique clé usb Right now at many of our beautician schools, we are giving many of our students skin-care tips so they are experts in hydrating skin during these excruciating winter months. 1. Stay Well Hydrated Sounds silly that we mention this but this is so under-appreciated. Water is your best friend! Drinking the proper amounts of water daily will help […]

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3 Makeup Tips To Send Chills Down Winter’s Back anschlagtechniken beim kran Today’s post comes from one of our instructors from our NYC beauty schools. Her suggestions are for any ladies out there who wish to wear some makeup during those frigid winter months. 1. When it comes to lipstick, go with a stronger deeper color Our skin naturally gets paler due to the drop in the […]

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Natural Face Creams to Combating Winter Season Skin

stoffmuster kostenlos bestellen link Winter is right around the corner and not only does that means heavier jackets and scarves, but dry skin. We know that the frigid weather and indoor heat, results in rough, flaky, moisture-ridden skin. Your face taking the grunt of it! While most of the other parts of your body are usually covered by warm […] vols johannesburg paris Read more
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