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3 Hair Dying Tips For Blondes Going Brunette

jesser sanitär güglingen These tips are given to us by one of our instructors at our West Palm Beach beauty school Here are some simple suggestions to follow for any of the ladies (or gents) out there who wish go from blond to brunette. 1. Don’t choose too dark of a color. This is important to bear in […]

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What We Can Learn From Redheads chez greg hardelot Being a redhead has a reputation for being difficult. People are always trying to tell you what you can’t wear (most colors other than green for example.) But red hair is also a rare trait and a thing of great beauty. If there is anything that today’s gorgeous redheaded celebrities have taught us it’s that […]

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Makeup For a Night Out That Could Last You Until Morning

(photo by: Lu Muñoz) Ah, the night is upon us and we must look our absolute best. You shower and get zestfully fresh. Your hair is washed, conditioned, dried, and styled. You pick your clothes out, shoes to match, a purse and you’ve almost put together the perfect going-out look. The only thing left to […]

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7 Important Tips For Taking Care Of Your Sexy Wavy Hair

Curly beautiful locks don’t aren’t something you should be stressing about. Here are 7 important tips on how to care for naturally curly or wavy hair. 1. Find a good stylist. (Ask if they know anything about “twist-cutting”, which is a great cutting technique for curly hair.) Ask your friends, strangers, someone whose hair you […]

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How To Wear Red Lipstick: Top 5 Tips To Consider When Wearing The Crimson

Red lips—power, sexual, beauty, femininity are all things that come to mind when associating red lips. Men and women alike are obsessed over the powerful color of red. . Does it bring an extra boost of confidence when wearing red—outfit, manicures, blush? Throughout history ancient Egyptians painted their lips red with kohl. As long as […]

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