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5 Tips for Smear-less Infinity-lasting Make-up

père lagneau sj watch There are 2 things certain in life–one being taxes, the other being that when you wear make-up it will smear eventually. If you are in a sweaty club, kissing to many boys, or just having a beautiful date out in New York it is very unfortunate that your eyes will get smeared. We’ve got 5 […]

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3 Makeup Tips To Send Chills Down Winter’s Back

leonard meunier ostéopathe Today’s post comes from one of our instructors from our NYC beauty schools. Her suggestions are for any ladies out there who wish to wear some makeup during those frigid winter months. 1. When it comes to lipstick, go with a stronger deeper color Our skin naturally gets paler due to the drop in the […] poignees de placard ovales en porcelaine Read more verstauchung handgelenk homöopathie Beauty, Make Up

Achieve Beautiful Eyelashes Naturally

tanz mal jude link In an attempt to achieve long, beautiful eyelashes, all too often girls feel tempted to simply apply fake eyelashes and call it a day.  However, we at Your Beauty School have the just the right steps to have beautiful lashes —the natural way. Before you actually begin focusing on your eyelashes, you must first apply […]

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