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Incorporating “Green” into Your Beauty Routine – Part II fernsehzuschauer sport 1 lübeck altona In our last post, we asked, “What does it mean to be eco-friendly in the beauty industry?” and since habits often start in the home, we covered some ways to make your personal beauty regimen more eco-friendly. The next step is applying the green philosophy at work. Here are ways to take an environmentally-conscious approach […] fahre nach juist Read more
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Best Jobs 2012: Hairdresser erlaubt was gefällt goethe As one of the Best Jobs of 2012, this profession should see significant growth over the next decade By JADA A. GRAVES The Rundown: Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is important to many of us, and it’s a professional necessity for a hairdresser. Also known as cosmetologists, these trained professionals offer a wide range […] gang volcano zx ds with price Read more
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Follow Your Dreams to Beauty School

875 feier neukirchen sonntag watch In this economy it’s not the easiest thing to leave a stable job and follow your passion, but according to an article written by Columbia University Journalism student, Sarah Harvey, people are doing just that. One of the interviewees claims that half of her beauty school classmates have left four-year degrees or stable careers to […]

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The Hair Salon Industry Is Flourishing

den der ler sidst ler bedst there A few weeks ago we wrote a post called Jobs In The Beauty Industry: Are They Safe? Which was based on the US census report. The New York Times must have read the same report because they wrote their own post called A Thriving Growth Area in a Weak Economy: Hair. Now the reason that […]

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Jobs In The Beauty Industry- Are They Safe?

snillet gård utleie As a beauty school, we are asked to answer a lot of questions about the latest beauty trends as well as the best way to do certain beauty procedures. Something else that people usually ask about is jobs in the beauty industry. They want to know if they can find a job, does it pay […]

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