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Classy Hairstyle: The 1950s Ponytail

paw patrol biler check The 1950s were a time of economic boom. Soldiers were coming back to the states after WWII. This decade not only meant change but also brought with it many beautiful, simple, and inspirational hairstyles. Throughout the early 50s the ponytail was a popular youthful hairstyle and it matured into the French pleat.  Fashionable hairstyles began with […] behördlicher datenschutzbeauftragter seminar Read more
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8 DIY Pedicure Tips That Will Keep Those Feet Looking Fabulous

fifty fifty liv Now that summer is here and sandal season is in full force, we at Your Beauty School have noticed a large portion of girls who are still a little bashful about the appearance of their feet. However, not everyone has the time to take a summer weekend getaway to the spa and get their mani/pedi. […] emma holst jensen Read more
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Protecting Your Hair This Summer

little nigtmares be tengu mask see Silky smooth hair is a hard goal to attain, especially when summer rolls around. People often forget that the sun’s powerful UV rays don’t just damage your skin, but your hair as well. UV rays have the power to break down the chemical structure of one’s hair making it subject to a dehydrated, damaged look […]

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3 Beautiful Nail Polish Colors For This Spring and Summer

university uk ranking Last summer was all about electric blue and eye-popping pink, but this year we are a bit more grown up, at least when it comes to nail color. Shades for this season are more subdued, but no less sexy. Take note: these light shades are perfect for the warm months ahead and should easily complement […]

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4 Radiant Summer Skin Care Tips

finance for tomorrow watch Unfortunately, the summer season brings the most harm to your skin at a time when you want to show it off the most. Luckily, Your Beauty School has the right tips to keep your skin beautiful and healthy when you need them the most! In most cases, beautiful summer skin does not require the usual […]

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