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The Best Rihanna Hairstyles So Far senior w manager jobs in bangalore Rihanna is a girl who loves to play with clothes and makeup and gets experimental with her look quite often. This of course includes her infamous hairstyles and colors that change almost as fast as her wardrobe. From sultry to edgy she’s done it all and we love to wait and watch for her next […]

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2011 Beauty Trends At The Emmys

details cocasses dans photos gigapixels Emmy hair and makeup dazzled the audiences this year. While the final looks were nothing short of spectacular they were easy to do and will look great on pretty much anyone. Here is a quick peek of 2011 beauty trend at the Emmys that you can do at home. The Eyes There was a lot […]

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Male Icons Of The Past

hotel boston eupen It’s only fair to discuss make icons since we’ve covered some of our favorite female beauty icons of the past. These men depict what society thought or thinks a man should be. In the past, most leading men were tall, dark and handsome. Keep reading to see what we mean. Clarke Gable– Not only was […]

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Beauty Icons From The Past seidmar 20 leutenbach People have looked to beauty icons from the beginning of time for inspiration and a sense of excitement. Beauty icons set trends, sell products and create images that everyone else attempts to copy and make their own. Here are some of our favorite beauty icons from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Maybe some of your […] redoutés louis xiv Read more
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Beauty at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Las Vegas was on fire this weekend as all of music’s hottest talents filed down the red carpet for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. As was to be expected, there were some beautiful fashion choices – and questionable ones as well. Here’s our roundup of the best beauty choices of the night: Selena Gomez While […]

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