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5 Tips for Smear-less Infinity-lasting Make-up

dienstherr lehrer bayern watch There are 2 things certain in life–one being taxes, the other being that when you wear make-up it will smear eventually. If you are in a sweaty club, kissing to many boys, or just having a beautiful date out in New York it is very unfortunate that your eyes will get smeared. We’ve got 5 […]

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Makeup For a Night Out That Could Last You Until Morning

alexander munninghoff biografie (photo by: Lu Muñoz) Ah, the night is upon us and we must look our absolute best. You shower and get zestfully fresh. Your hair is washed, conditioned, dried, and styled. You pick your clothes out, shoes to match, a purse and you’ve almost put together the perfect going-out look. The only thing left to […]

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