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5 Tips for Smear-less Infinity-lasting Make-up

energie mit 8 buchstaben mit bi click There are 2 things certain in life–one being taxes, the other being that when you wear make-up it will smear eventually. If you are in a sweaty club, kissing to many boys, or just having a beautiful date out in New York it is very unfortunate that your eyes will get smeared. We’ve got 5 […] mund riecht nach erbrochenem Read more

4 Easy Tips to Help Ease The Pain Of Eyebrow Plucking

francisco montoya cazarez view Plucking your eyebrows to a state of perfection is no easy feat. It is a task that requires lots of craftsmanship and patience just to sculpt the hairs to your desired style — all while maintaining a balanced appearance and proper symmetry. beispiel zylinder konkav mit radiusfräser Read more

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