4 Radiant Summer Skin Care Tips

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Unfortunately, the summer season brings the most harm to your skin at a time when you want to show it off the most.

Luckily, Your Beauty School has the right tips to keep your skin beautiful and healthy when you need them the most!

In most cases, beautiful summer skin does not require the usual makeup treatment. Instead, switch to a more minimal approach. Replacing your lipstick with a touch of tinted lip gloss as well as replacing traditional cream based foundations with light powders.

When it comes to dressing up your eyes and lips, a light composition provides an elegant compliment to the summer season. Start by applying a light foundation that also provides SPF protection. This is an excellent way to accomplish two goals at once by increasing skin protection as you give your skin the ideal, radiant complexion.

Next, continue with the ‘light’ theme. Give your lips a warm orange or red color and complete the summer look by applying soft colors to your eyes. You can also give your eyes some subtle definition with the use of a light brown liner pencil. This will give your eyes some soft predominance while still delivering a natural look.

Lastly, although we know you’ve heard it from your mother a thousand times, but we can’t stress it enough:


Before any actual makeup is applied, sunscreen is the number one, fundamental application to keeping your skin fresh and beautiful in July. SPF 15 (at least) is an essential ingredient to keeping your skin protected from the heat and UV rays that will cause your skin to burn and wrinkle. Liberally lather sunscreen on your skin every couple of hours throughout the day to keep your skin protected.

Don’t forget that lips are part of your skin too! Apply protective lip balm on a frequent basis to prevent them from burning and chapping. It is always important to remember that the prior makeup suggestions are secondary to keeping your skin HEALTHY.

During the summertime, healthy skin is the most beautiful skin of all.

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