5 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Older Women With Long Hair

You’ve been reading all about the rockabilly look that’s resurfaced, Emma Watson’s pixie cut and Kim Kardashian’s luscious waves. However, you’re somewhere between forty and fifty years old and are unsure about whether or not you can pull off these looks. First, allow us to start by saying that things have changed drastically over the years. Fifty is the new forty and forty is the new thirty and hair styles project this change. Today more than ever you have lots of choices before you and yes you can pull them off. Here are a few great hairstyles for you to try out.

Sharon Osborne took the bob and gave it a great twist to give it a more personal feel. By getting chunky layers, long bangs and adding some volume she created the more mature version of Emma Watson’s pixie cut. The hair is still close to the head on the sides, but the volume on top gives it just enough dimensions to keep it interesting. The color is also fabulous and looks great on her.


Kate Hudson is seen here with a very popular hair style worn by many women of all ages today. The best part is that you can get a fun, romantic, sensual style quickly, without much effort and without paying a fortune. All you have to do is wound up  your hair in some medium sized curlers and blow dry it or use a round flat iron for a faster job. If done properly the effects can last for a few days so you’ll always look great.


Known to be a trendsetting icon in her own time, Madonna was waaay ahead of her time when she combined long bangs, a deep side part and a flip to the bottoms of her hair. All of these details are big hair trends this winter and work beautifully together. If you’re not into the side part either do a part in the middle or just comb it all back.



As far as I’m concerned Diane Keaton can do no wrong and her latest hair style proves it. The flips, long bangs and length variations all work together to create an energetic and youthful look that can be worn by a woman in her fifties. She also has several different shades highlighting her hair and they work nicely together. If you want to try this be sure to go to a colorist whom you trust or you’ll walk out looking like a five year old tried to highlight your locks.


For the woman who likes a simple clean line there’s always inspiration by Gwyneth Paltrow. If you already have straight hair then you’re lucky and will save a lot of time and money on styling. Otherwise you’re going to need a great flat iron to get your hair this straight. Oh and don’t forget the center part.


There are some great hair styles out there for older women that will work to make you look like a glam goddess. Get out there and find one that’s right for you.

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