5 Hairstyles That Will Definitely Get You Noticed

Have you ever wondered why certain hairstyles are perceived differently? Why some people treat you differently if you have a pixie cut or a ponytail?

Today we are going to look at different haircuts and styles that you can do to get certain attitudes and perceptions that you want or prefer.

The Hollywood Blowout

If you want to impress the opposite sex, don’t look further than Hollywood. The Hollywood blowout conveys sexuality—smooth, shiny beautiful hair. If you want this man-gnet hairdo, achieve it by applying some smoothing cream to damp hair. Blow-dry using a round brush. When dry mist on some thermal-straightening spray and flat-iron dry. Finish off with shine serum for that Hollywood sensuality-do.

The Side Pony

Asymmetrical side ponytails are a universally flattering hairstyle. It means you’re quirky, unconventional, and usually highlights your strongest features—as no one’s features are perfectly aligned.

If you want to achieve this do use a texture gel and blow-dry your hair over to one side to create a hold. If you want to secure your hair use an elastic band in a loose bun.

The Updo

This do is ideal when you want to go to an informal interview, an elegant date, or when you want to be perceived as an open minded, relaxed, and carefree individual. This is definitely a do that will get you noticed.

To achieve this do, you have to make a low side ponytail leaving a couple of loose strands around your face. Twist the ponytail up and wrap it in a figure eight. Finish with a mist of light-weight hairspray to give you extra hold.

The Baby Bouffant

This hairdo adds a little glamour to any situation. This accentuates your features—jaw and neckline. This is a very versatile do that seems classic, yet modern.
To create this haircut you need to pull the hair closest to your brow back to your crown to create a ponytail. Twist the top of the tail, and push back to create volume—pin back.  Gather the rest into a bun and spray with a light hairspray.

High Ponytail

This is an easy updo that looks classic and sexy all in one. This hairdo gives you a lot of freedom and movement. Create a relaxed pony for best results.

To achieve this do you must start with a little styling cream—curl with a barrel iron. With a fine comb, sweep hair up and secure it with above your crown—wrap with an elastic band. Finish off with a fine mist of hairspray for hold.

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