5 Sudden Hair Loss Causes

It can be really rough when you suddenly notice that your beautiful head of hair is thinning out. Sudden hair loss can be a stressful situation for both men and women and cause all sorts of stress, decline in confidence and holes in your wallet. If you’re wondering why you may be experiencing this problem, here are some sudden hair lose causes that you should look into.

Stress– We used to say that money is the root of all evil, but in truth its stress. Stress affects your life in every possible way from causing cancer to weight loss or gain to hair loss. When we’re stressed out, the hair may go into a rest mode and simply stop growing. The best ways to deal with stress is to exercise, get a massage or talk it out. You know what relaxes you so get to it.

Nutrition– Or the lack of good nutrition. If you’ve suddenly gone on some crazy diet where you’re living off of lettuce, cucumbers and water you will lose weight (in a horrible manner), but you will also miss out on all sorts of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work properly. Lack of proper nutrition also causes stress and we now know that that’s bad for your hair as well so start eating right and include lots of fresh fruits and veggies, dairy and proteins to your diet.

Hormonal Changes– Women really get the short end of the stick here. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause and birth control pills may cause sudden hair loss. Another time when a lot of women experience this problem is right after having a baby. The thing to keep in mind here is not that you’re pregnant your hair doesn’t fall out so it looks full and thick. However, once you have the baby it all starts falling out at once so after nine months of having beautiful lustrous hair, you feel a bit hairless. Hormonal changes can affect both men and women when problems with the thyroid start showing up. If you feel that hormonal changes are affecting you go see your doctor to get a blood test and advice.

Medication– Some medications do cause hair loss, but usually it stops once you’ve stopped taking the medication. However, if you’re going through a stressful procedure such as chemotherapy, you will experience a much more severe and rapid hair loss. This too will reverse once the procedures are done.

Genes– Just because you got your mom’s beautiful eyes and your dad’s chin doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get grandma’s bad genes and start losing your hair by the age of twenty. Genetics play a huge role in hair loss. There are products and procedures on the market today that can help slow down the problem or make you grow some hair naturally. You have to decide how much you want to spend over your lifetime on keeping your hair and know the pros and cons of everything before starting any treatment.

There are many more causes for sudden hair loss and the best way to find out what’s causing yours is to see a doctor. This way, you’ll learn the real reason behind your hair loss and can get answers on the best way to slow down or stop the process.

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