5 Tips to Prevent Damage When Dying Your Hair

Most hair dyes these days are made with damage prevention in mind. However, that is not to say that there are not still some potential pitfalls in this tricky task that can lead hair damage disaster.

Some hair dyes and their procedures can lead to over processed hair that is dry and rough. For this reason, Your Beauty School has provided 5 essential tips to dying your hair and keeping it healthy.

1.Choose a Gentle Hair Dye

Hair dying is a chemical procedure and all hair dyes inflict some degree of damage to your hair. However, in the world of hair dyes, there are products out there which are more gentle and easy going than others. At Your Beauty School, we recommend the use of dyes which are both hypoallergenic and conditioning.

2. Semi-Permanent Dyes Includes Less Chemicals

While you may be tempted to go for the long haul and use a permanent hair dye, a semi-permanent dye is a safer bet in terms of your hair’s health. While certainly longer lasting, permanent hair dyes often contain much stronger chemicals (as well as more of them). These additional chemicals can easily over process your hair and make it more prone to additional damage.

3.Minimize Use of Heat-styling Appliances

Hair damage is often the result of multiple factors coming together. If you dye your hair frequently and also use a flat iron or other heat-styling device on a frequent basis, the chance of your hair becoming frizzed and damaged increases exponentially. It is important to be familiar with your heat-styling appliance and not to over use it after changing hair colors.

4.Make Sure You Wash Your Hair First

Dying dirty hair makes for a messy operation. Be sure to rid your hair of any oil and dirt by thoroughly rinsing it with shampoo. Unwashed hair does a poor job of absorbing and retaining the hair color that you are trying to achieve. Without a wash, you can end up with a blotchy, inconsistent coloring.

5.Test your Dye on a Single Strand First!

The best way to gauge how your coloring is going to affect your hair is to actually try it on your hair! Take a single strand with a gloved hand and completely immerse it in your dye. After some time and a rinse, observe your coloring job and see if it has taken any negative, damaging effects. If your single strand has taken on your new color without problem, proceed to the rest of your hair.

The use of these steps, as well as carefully following your products instructions will lead to healthy, undamaged hair in whichever color you choose.

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