Achieve Beautiful Eyelashes Naturally

In an attempt to achieve long, beautiful eyelashes, all too often girls feel tempted to simply apply fake eyelashes and call it a day.  However, we at Your Beauty School have the just the right steps to have beautiful lashes —the natural way.

Before you actually begin focusing on your eyelashes, you must first apply your normal, traditional makeup.  This includes any eye shadow or other makeup that you usually apply. Your next step of preparation is clean your eyelashes and wipe them clean.  We suggest wiping your lashes clean by simply placing them between your pointer finger and thumb and softly pulling. This will remove any moisture or dirt left on your lashes.

From here, your next step is use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a nice, long and healthy curve. Use of the curler should last less than a minute before you start reaching the shape that you desire.

Next, you will want to evenly apply a coat of mascara to both your bottom and top eyelashes.  However, this will only be a first coat that will allow you to carefully sculpt and separate your lashes as you see fit. Before this coat of mascara dries, you can begin separating your lashes.  Some people may recommend the use of a safety pin or other sharp object to get in between the lashes and isolate them.  However, many girls may not be huge fans of placing extremely sharp objects next to their open eye!   For this reason, we at Your Beauty School recommend the use of a lash comb.  Lash combs are made specifically for this purpose — to separate your lashes safely.  You can also separate your lashes with ease with the use of a clean mascara wand.

After your first mascara coat and lashes have dried in their new shape, you can apply an additional mascara coat.  This will strengthen your lashes and ensure that they hold their new shape and form. Not only that, but you will also find that this second coat will lengthen your lashes even further!

No need to go the fake route! With these quick easy steps, you will find yourself with long, beautiful, natural lashes.

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