Best Men’s Hairstyles

Whenever we watch an awards ceremony or anything else for that matter we tend to focus on the women. Today however, we would like to focus on the men and zone in on the best men’s hairstyles of 2011. Before we start we just wanted to point out that no matter what you’re preference you will find something here that will look great on just about anyone. All you have to worry about is which hairstyle you want to rock.

Longer Hairstyles For Men

Keith Urban is living proof that longer hairstyles for men are very much in style. The highlights in the long layers highlight his natural hair beautifully. However, just because Keith’s hair is this long it doesn’t mean that you have to go as long. There are many hairstyles out there for men who like to go longer so you can pick a style and length that’s right for you.


Classic Men’s Hairstyle

Paul Walker’s classic men’s hairstyle has taken over George Clooney’s spot as the must have style for men. This look is the most versatile one of this group and can be sported by men in their twenties and well as men in their fifties. It’s a great looking cut that can be corporate as well as laid back so you really can’t lose.


Hot Men’s Hairstyle

Adam Levine of Maroon 5  has a cutting edge hot men’s hairstyle that is geared towards a younger guy- or at least a guy who’s young at heart. The only thing that you have to remember is that you can’t let it grow out too much or it won’t look good anymore. We love the touch of length in the front.


Sexy Men’s Hairstyle

Singer Ricki Martin has a sexy men’s hairstyle that’s easy to care for. It’s a little longer than Paul’s but can still be worn by men of a variety of ages. If you’re not into fixing up your hair between work and a night out, this hairstyle is great because it will look great at any time.


Well, that’s our roundup of the best men’s hairstyles of 2011. We can’t wait to see what happens in 2012.

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