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Incorporating “Green” into Your Beauty Routine – Part I

dei svarte hestane What does it mean to be eco-friendly in the beauty industry? From sourcing ingredients grown or procured in an environmentally-responsible way to recyclable packaging to low-impact practices such as using energy-efficient appliances, there are a lot of opportunities to incorporate earth-friendly beauty practices. If you’ve thought about greening your beauty routine, here are a couple […] abendessen kloster salzburg Read more
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Salons see uptick in business as economy improves

paris famous for watch By Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY One sure sign that the economy is starting to hum: Women are ditching do-it-yourself dye jobs and heading back to the hair salon. Nam Y. Huh, APJenny Park, right, cuts Diana Lee’s hair at Kim Sun Young beauty salon in Chicago. Who cares that the economy is still a tad […]

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Best Jobs 2012: Hairdresser

As one of the Best Jobs of 2012, this profession should see significant growth over the next decade By JADA A. GRAVES The Rundown: Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is important to many of us, and it’s a professional necessity for a hairdresser. Also known as cosmetologists, these trained professionals offer a wide range […]

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5 Natural Hair Oils For Healthy Shiny Hair

Coconut Oil Coconuts are full of vitamins and minerals that make your hair stronger so that you’re less likely to get split ends or breakage. It works to hold in moisture so that your hair becomes highly nourished and soft. You can either purchase coconut oil on its own, and apply it your hair or […]

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Essential Waxing Tips For Men And Women

Waxing can be painful, sticky and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. In many cases people try it once and never go back to it again because their first attempt was less than agreeable.  On the other hand many people find that it gives great long results and swear by it. Here are […]

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