5 Natural Hair Oils For Healthy Shiny Hair

Coconut Oil

Coconuts are full of vitamins and minerals that make your hair stronger so that you’re less likely to get split ends or breakage. It works to hold in moisture so that your hair becomes highly nourished and soft. You can either purchase coconut oil on its own, and apply it your hair or you can buy products such as deep conditioners that will give you great results as well.

Emu Oil

This oil is packs a heavy punch of Omega 3 and makes your hair softer, shinier and more manageable. So, if you have frizzy, course or wild looking locks, this is the ultimate natural product for you. It also promotes hair growth so if you’re losing your hair you should give this oil a try along with a dose of Biotin vitamins.

Argan Oil

The only ones who are allowed to process the natural oils of the mystical Argan tree are the women of Morocco. Argan oil can be applied to your hair to make it look shiny, healthy and thick and it can be used on oily hair as well as dry hair without making the hair look greasy.

Jojoba Oil

One of the most moisturizing hair oils there are, Jojoba oil loosens tangles, tames frizz and improve the texture of your hair. It works magic on making dry hair soft and has wonderful thickening powers that will make your mane look fuller.

Rosemary Oil

If you’re fighting a losing battle against dandruff, a couple of drops of rosemary oil can be your strongest weapon. It has moisturizing properties that smooth away and flakes that you have so that you can feel confident about wearing dark colors. An added bonus is that this is another oil that promotes hair growth.

Any of these natural oils will benefit the look and feel of your hair. Although some of them may be a little pricier than others you will find that you will need just a couple of drops at a time so that a small bottle will last for months. Happy shopping and stay beautiful.

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