Celebrities with Short Hair

Short hair on a woman makes a statement. It says, “I’m independent and I’m confident in my femininity.” It looks amazing on some people, but it’s a big step and you should do your research before taking the plunge. Here are a few celebrities who got it right.

Emma Watson

As soon as the final Harry Potter movie wrapped, Emma Watson ran out and chopped off the unruly mane she sported in her role of Hermione. With her chic new look, she landed squarely in the fashion spotlight, appearing on the covers of magazines, acting as the face of Burburry and modeling for Lancome.


Recognized for her ever-changing ‘do, Rihanna knows how to make just about any hair style look good, but her short haircuts are some of our favorites. This fabulous bob from 2008 was especially sophisticated.

Halle Berry

Hally Berry has been the queen of the short hairstyle for just about as long as we can remember. She has perfected the art of pairing her pixie-like hair with stunning gowns and feminine accessories.

Ginnifer Goodwin

When we think of short hair, we can’t help but think of Ginnifer Goodwin’s adorably cropped mop. You may know her from her role as Margene on HBO’s “Big Love” or the movie “He’s Just Not That into You.” If not, you’ll probably recognize her face from fashion magazines, where she’s a regular fixture.

Carey Mulligan

One of the freshest faces in film and fashion, Carey Mulligan burst onto the scene in 2009 bubbling over with charisma and turning heads with her forward-thinking style and memorable short haircut. We can’t wait to see what they do with her hair in the 2012 adaptation of “The Great Gatsby!”


Blast from the past! No list of short hairstyles would be complete without a mention of supermodel and style icon, Twiggy. She popularized short hair in the 60’s and her style is emulated still today.

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