Incorporating “Green” into Your Beauty Routine – Part II

In our last post, we asked, “What does it mean to be eco-friendly in the beauty industry?” and since habits often start in the home, we covered some ways to make your personal beauty regimen more eco-friendly. The next step is applying the green philosophy at work. Here are ways to take an environmentally-conscious approach – and make “green” from doing so!

Eco-Friendy Beauty In the Salon and on Set

1) As at home, select products and product lines for your clients that are environmentally and health-friendly – they’ll appreciate it! Since all-natural, organic, and earth-friendly products have been in demand for decades, there are hundreds of product lines out there to choose from, ranging from mid-market to luxe. We’ve been really excited by the development of formaldehyde and toulene-free nail polishes, especially since the explosion of nail art recently – a serious win/win for the beauty industry!

Also, consider other no-chemical treatment alternatives, which promote a healthful environment for both employees and clients.

2) Conserve: In beauty schools, salons, and on the road, hair and make-up stations can be more earth-friendly than ever. Recycled/retro-fitted decor not only lends a touch of personal taste, but are great ways to cut down on consumption. Use energy-efficient lighting to save electricity, and costs. Another trend we’ve observed is powering salons by renewable energy, and purchasing carbon offsets for truly low-impact operations.

3) Recycle: Some skin care, hair care, and make-up brands offer container recycling in addition to local recycling systems. The best part – you may receive credits or incentives to participate! Consider full life-cycle impact when sourcing your products and don’t be afraid to raise this with your suppliers. Also, another trend that crossed our desks is aerosol can recycling – there are systems that will puncture and depressurize hairspray cans safely and easily, that can then be recycled or sold for scrap metal. Consider this opportunity to recoup some money, while diverting a common waste stream in the beauty industry.

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