Men’s Facial Hair Styles

From the time that they hit puberty many boys are waiting to get just one whisker so that they can claim their place in the realm of men. Once that happens however many of them stop worrying about the whether or not they have any hair on their face and worry about how to get a clean shave. After all, what better way to impress the ladies than having baby smooth skin? But then again a lot of men go through a time when they want to try out different men’s facial hair styles just to try something new and to see if they want to continue with it. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Let’s check out a few that do.

Johnny Depp’s facial hair is designed in a way that brings attention to the lower portion of his face. A moustache, lower lip hair and a chin beard create just the right outline to move the eye in a circle and keep your attention. It’s such a versatile look that he was even able to use it when filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Jake Gyllenhaal has tried out a series of cool facial hair styles mostly in the form of a beard. It’s the fullest one he tried out however that we like the best because it makes him look more sophisticated and mature.

There aren’t too many men that can work the Robert Downey Jrs facial hair style. It has a traditional look but with a modern edge to it that makes him appear to be younger. Of course the boyish hairstyle doesn’t hurt.

While the first three celebrities showed off some great examples of men’s facial hair styles there are a few bad ones that we want to point out. Remember, don’t try this at home.

Mel Gibson looks like a cross between an evil villain from the late 180os and the devil.  Not a good look for anyone!

Adam Lambert may be going for a rock theatrical look but it’s just not working. The design of the mustache and beard look as if he’s trying to fashion a scale on his face. Unfortunately none of Adams other attempts at cool facial hair styles seem to be working either.

Brad Pitt has just proven that no matter how good looking you are with the wrong facial hair style you can ruin your entire look.

And there you have it. A list of the best and worst men’s facial hair styles. If you’re looking to try one of them out you can look at this post as a list of dos and don’ts as well.

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