Protecting Your Hair This Summer

Saskia on fire by Martin-Neuhof.

Silky smooth hair is a hard goal to attain, especially when summer rolls around. People often forget that the sun’s powerful UV rays don’t just damage your skin, but your hair as well.

UV rays have the power to break down the chemical structure of one’s hair making it subject to a dehydrated, damaged look that pushes silkiness that much further out of reach.

Fortunately there are methods to ensure that your locks are silky just in time and throughout the summer season.

The core approach to maintaining silky hair in the humid weather is to moisturize. Make sure to wash your hair with moisture rich shampoo to keep your strong, healthy, and hydrated. When shopping for shampoo, try to look for products that emphasize replenishment rather than volume. Replenishment shampoos are often designed to provide moisture to your hair long after you have gotten out of the shower, keeping your hair silky smooth throughout the day.

Another essential care taking step is the consistent use of conditioners. Hair conditioners do an excellent job of keeping one’s hair hydrated and lustrous. It is also important to apply conditioners to all parts of your hair, especially your ends. Without protective conditioner, your ends will split in no time under the weight of the summer heat. You can also maximize the ability of your conditioner with a simple tip: don’t rinse out your conditioner after applying in the shower. This will give your hair some extra fortification and hydration in the harsh summer sun.

Another method to keep your hair from overheating is to take a break from the hot irons and electric curlers. It’s hot enough already! Removing the frequent use of these hot hair tools will give your hair some extra breathing room in a season condensed with heat.

In addition to these tips, there are a variety of hair products out there that help prevent frizziness and keep your hair silky. However, everyone is different and some products tend to work better for some than others. Of course, one important product that can help maintain everyone’s hair silkiness is a hat! Staying in the shade and keeping your hair well protected is the ultimate way to prevent the sun from unleashing the frizz upon your silky locks.

Stay cool, stay moisturized, and lay off the curler!

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