The Hair Salon Industry Is Flourishing


A few weeks ago we wrote a post called Jobs In The Beauty Industry: Are They Safe? Which was based on the US census report. The New York Times must have read the same report because they wrote their own post called A Thriving Growth Area in a Weak Economy: Hair. Now the reason that you’re seeing another post about how the hair salon industry is doing so well is that we would like to take a minute to thank the NY Times for the spin that they took on the census repost.

The NY Times interviewed some stylists about why the hair salon industry may be doing as well and got a range of response:

  1. Getting your hair done makes you feel better.
  2. It’s easier to fight   off the summer heat with shorter hair.
  3. You have to look your best when interviewing for a job.

The article goes on to say that because of the economic downfall people who had previously worked in other industries or have a higher education level suddenly had to look for a new line of work. They had to find a job that provides a steady income and is not in danger of being outsourced to other countries. Being that the hair industry is on the rise, many people chose it as their new choice of work because it pays the bills.

What really caught our attention in the article however is the following statement made by Ms. Bilal-Young, a salon owner: “It’s not like other industries where you’re trying to find customers. The customers are trying to find you.” Well said Ms. Young.

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