3 New Trendy Hair Styles for This Summer

Hairstyles, like most things in the world of beauty, are in an almost constant state of flux.

If you blink you might miss out on a trend. Here are a handful of great hairstyles for 2010.

Rapunzel Braids

Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new babe in town. No longer reserved for damsels in distress, long side braids are making their way to the masses. This style is feminine and low-maintenance so you can rock it on the fly without spending a lot of time getting ready.

Pixie Cuts

Something Special 02 by torkristensen.

Alright, we know that short hair can be pretty scary for most women. But when done right there is something whimscal and sophisticated about these cuts.

Think Carey Mulligan, Rihanna, Winona Ryder, and Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.

Short cuts accentuate the beautiful lines of the face and make bold features pop. Go on, try it – you only live once!

High Bun

Inspired by the ever-admired ballerina look, high buns are conquering the hair scene. They are a great way to wear your hair with style on rainy or humid days because they don’t fall prey to frizz disasters.

Finish with a shine-inducing hairspray and you can rest assured that your look will stay sleek and sexy all day long.

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