3 Tips to Help Keep Your Newly Dyed Hair Fresh Longer

This week we have been talking about hair dyes and taking care of your colored hair. Today we are going to go talk about helping you color last longer.

Here are some three basic tips for anyone out there wanting their new color stay better looking longer:

1. If you dye your hair, don’t get any other chemical treatments done

Various chemical treatments like hair straightening or getting a straight perm can cause your hair to get extremely dry. Drier hair fades much quickly than normally moisturized hair. So, remember to use a ultra-moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair at the right moisture.

2. Don’t excessively wash your hair

If you shampoo too frequently, this will cause the color to fade at a much quicker pace–causing it to lose its shine. Shampooing every other day is generally considered excessive and when you have a new hair color, it would be more advised to shampoo once every four or five days–to let the color settle and it will help against damage.

3. Use UV protection for your hair

The sun does cause hair color to fade. If you don’t want to just cover with a hat against the rays, try using some styling products that have UV protection Your newly dyed hair color will be able to withstand the rays and you will be able to freely show off your newly dyed hair.

About me: My name is Josephine Pizarro and I am an instructor at Miami beauty school specialized in Hair Design. Stay beautiful everyone!

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