3 Hair Dying Tips For Blondes Going Brunette

These tips are given to us by one of our instructors at our West Palm Beach beauty school

Here are some simple suggestions to follow for any of the ladies (or gents) out there who wish go from blond to brunette.

1. Don’t choose too dark of a color.

This is important to bear in mind. In the process of growing, your dark roots will show. And it looks super tacky (ahem, trashy) when your dark hair roots continue to grow in contrast with lighter blond shade of your dyed hair. Try going a few shades darker. If you already have dark hair, try going with a burgundy and or a rich brown color.

2. If your hair is lighter, try some golden brown.

With a lighter blond shades, golden brown colors look especially wonderful  if you are going to go with a few highlights. The colors will complement each other splendidly, helping you really stand out of the crowd.

3. Chestnut hair looks great for natural blonds.

Chestnut colors are very popular and are becoming  very trendy. For natural blondes, a pale chestnut color will compliement this darker winter, giving you a sense of color during these frigid weather.

After you color your hair, make sure you take good care of it by keeping it at the proper moisture level and by using UV protective shampoos to keep the new color fresher and longer.

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