4 Easy Tips to Help Ease The Pain Of Eyebrow Plucking

Eye eye eye! by OrangeCounty_Girl.

Plucking your eyebrows to a state of perfection is no easy feat. It is a task that requires lots of craftsmanship and patience just to sculpt the hairs to your desired style — all while maintaining a balanced appearance and proper symmetry.

Eyebrow sculpting is not a process that you will want to begin without a sense of direction. For that reason, the first obvious step is to pick a style that you are going for. Once you have a style in mind, whether it be a sleek arch, or smooth and flat brow, you should use an eye shadow brush to carefully outline your desired sculpture.

From here, you can begin plucking!

However, be careful as you do so and try to prevent from removing too many hairs in a single pluck. Tweezing too many hairs is this task’s most common problem and there is no planting that hair back where it was once it’s been plucked! Make sure you are only targeting stray hairs that do not fit into your desired style. These hairs often lie below your natural arch.

A good method for minimizing any pain is to use your tweezers in the direction to which your hair grows. This will allow you to get a smoother pull and minimize resistance from the undesired hair. Another strategy to minimize the hairs resistance is to pull from as close to the base as possible. However, be careful when doing this as you want to make certain that you are not pinching any skin with your tweezers.

Lastly, an extra clever way for easy, long-term maintenance is to initially have your eyebrows done by a professional cosmetologist. As hairs grow back in, they will be very easy to isolate, spot, and pluck. This will easily keep your desired shape for years to come.

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