Dyed Grey Hair: Love it or Lose it?

Lately it’s hard not to notice the trend of young ladies dying their locks…GREY!

Don’t believe it? We didn’t either at first, but it’s all true.

Apparently this is what all the cool kids are doing these days. So, do you love it? Is it edgy and interesting? Or would you rather leave the granny look for your retirement?

Pixie Geldof is all over the scene these days and, fashionista that she is, has embraced the grey haired look. It sort of works for her, right?

Pink is known for her rebellious style and persona, but is it possible that this hair color is a little too badass for her?

This little blogger is the youngest fashionista we know of and she’s already gone grey! Maybe the stress of being a child prodigy has taken its toll.

Kelly Osborne has never been one to obey rules of convention and this purple-grey hue is certainly out of the ordinary.

We think we prefer her as a platinum blonde though, which also avoids the problem of your lipstick matching your hair color.

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