4 Intricate Henna Hand Designs

goebel hummel figurine go Henna tattoos have been around for centuries. While affiliated mostly with the Indian culture it’s also popular in the Middle East and is used during celebrations. Since the artwork is traditionally done on the hands and feet we just wanted to share a few of our favorite images of henna designs for hands with you so that you can see the intricate detailing for yourselves.

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historieprofessor multikulturell langeland Enveloping your hands fully in a decorative design and coloring in the fingertips fully gives a rich feel to the tradition. Using black henna will give you a more sophisticated look but the brown is more gentle and works well for the summer months. Brown is also a better choice for this design because it’s less overpowering.

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solide edge student download If you do want to use a henna hand design where you color your fingertips in but want to tone it down a bit all you have to do is use less design on the rest of the hand. It’s important to marry all of the detailing together so it’s a good idea to do a simple design running down at least one of your fingers, leading to your palm. While it’s very much possible to color your fingertips and then do a drawing on your palm you would miss out on the sophistication of the art.

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vinner barneskole elvetangen You can still get a beautiful entanglement of sorts by simply painting the tops of your hands and skipping the palm area. No matter whether you choose to try a more traditional style or a modern one you will find that there are millions of things that which with you can stylize your hands. Traditionally the sun and flowers are used but nowadays you can do anything you like. Don’t forget to make a little bracelet on your wrist area to finish the look.

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Until now all of the henna hand designs that you’ve seen have been done in brown. This is an example of one done in black so that you can see the difference between the two colors. Although the artwork here is very basic, the use of black makes stand out much more giving it a more powerful appearance.

Image from flickr

Whether you want to celebrate a joyous occasion, try out a tattoo that is temporary or get in touch with your artistic side, henna hand designs are a great option.

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