Brazilian Keratin Treatments

You can save a lot of time and energy by getting the keratin treatment (aka the Brazilian blowout). For a stretch of about three months your hair will look and feel shiny, soft and healthy as if you’ve just had a professional blow out. On the other hand the keratin hair treatment dangers are so high that you should definitely think twice before getting it done.

Keratin hair treatment side effects include hair loss, itching, nose bleeds, getting lung and respiratory disease, eye irritation and even the increased possibility of getting cancer. The main problem is the use of formaldehyde which many of the manufactures claimed that they don’t use, but then were caught using. The FDA has said that it’s ok for people to take in up to .2% of the chemical however studies have shown that some of the brands have up to 10% of the lethal ingredient. That’s a 9.8% difference.

If the danger was only present when the process was being done on the hair, while dangerous it still would have been better. However, after you have been under this treatment every time you flat iron your hair you are being exposed to it all over again therefore increasing your chances of developing health problems. In response to these issues, the manufacturers of the keratin have come out with a formaldehyde free version which is said to be safer for everyone involved with its use. This is the first step taken by them to show that they care for the wellbeing of the clients.

If you have any questions about the keratin treatment risks or process just talk to your stylist. Make sure that you go to someone that you know and trust so that you get all of the latest information. Good luck and say healthy.

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