5 Tips for Smear-less Infinity-lasting Make-up

There are 2 things certain in life–one being taxes, the other being that when you wear make-up it will smear eventually. If you are in a sweaty club, kissing to many boys, or just having a beautiful date out in New York it is very unfortunate that your eyes will get smeared.

We’ve got 5 tips that you can bank on to not worry about looking like a crying clown (no offense!):

1. Brows: Stay away from grease

If you have thin brows or are looking to thicken your existing brows, try to stay clear from pencils that are grease or cream based. An alternative to brow pencils are wet powder shadows. Start with a wet brush and powder, and make sure that you choose a color that not too dark. Don’t over layer. If so they may be too intense, and eventually smear under the wrong circumstances.

2.  Eyeliners: Not all waterproofs are created equal

You see waterproof this, waterproof that but in reality when it comes to really waterproof, they are slim to none. We prefer it if you go with a liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner doesn’t budge when it dries. Go over it at the most 2 swipes, but remember that when it dries it is on until you wash your face.

3. Use a primer on your eyes

Primer is one of the keys to keeping eye shadow on without smearing. After applying the primer dab a little eyeshadow to your eye. When eyeshadow is pressed into the eye it last longer on the lid. The initial layer should always be pressed.

4. Water-resistant versus waterproof mascara

Waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing. Waterproof mascara is much more extreme than water resistant mascara. ONLY use waterproof mascara when swimming or are planning to cry (like a wedding), but not for everyday use. Some people have experienced that when wearing waterproof mascara, it makes their eyelashes brittle and make them fallout much easier. Go with water -resistant as an everyday alternative!

5. Liquid lip color over lipstick

We prefer lip colors over most lipsticks. Lip color usually doesn’t cake or flake and conditions for softness. ¬†Go crazy as there are a lot of brands out there to choose from, but we recommend Superstay from Maybelline.

Hope you take these tips, and if you decide to cry (a little) you will still look amazing afterwards.

My name is Josephine Polaris and I teach at Hair Design Institute–a cosmetology school in Manhattan. If you would like more tips or have any questions for me, contact me on our contact form.

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