Dry Lips: The Right Recommendation

One of our beauty college instructors was recently asked by one of her students what did she recommend for winter on lips and lip care.

Her lips were extremely dried and chapped and were getting worse over the Winter. The student was licking and using a poor quality lip balm, which both are big no-nos. This is will actually dry out the lips even quicker and cause chapping to occur. ┬áThe wiser option is to buy lip balm or chapstick and apply hourly. Not every chapstick is created equal. We recommend all-natural ingredients–look for chapsticks that have beeswax, tea tree oil, and cocoa butter. This will keep the lips moist and will enrich the skin on the lips with vitamins which will benefit them greatly.

Take care of those lips as they are the only ones you have. Buy a good chapstick and look for natural ingredients!

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