Eye Makeup Ideas

Many women are weary of trying out a new technique with their eye makeup so they use the same colors and techniques every day and for different occasions. In reality it doesn’t have to be that difficult. With a little practice and some imagination you can create a wide variety of looks ranging from playful to sophisticated to edgy. Here are some eye makeup ideas to get you started.

Smokey Eye Look

The smokey eye look is a great eye makeup idea for someone who wants a sophisticated look but is weary about stepping out of her comfort zone. It can be done using pretty much any eye shadow color imaginable so that you can achieve many different looks. The safest smokey eye look is one done with different shades of brown and pink. If you’re a pro at this technique and want to take it a step further try mixing your colors or using bright blues or greens to create a more fun look.



Crazy Eye Makeup

Crazy eye makeup is usually used for theatrical purposes, but if you’re feeling creative then this is the ultimate look for you. There are so many things that you can do. Use liquid liner to draw one or more thick lines, do a parrot eye shadow technique, go over your brow bone or channel your inner artist and create a real work of art.



Intense Eye Makeup

Take a step down from crazy and go intense. To get this look, use black eye liner to draw a thick line all around your eye area. Be sure to use some shadow to add color however don’t use overdo it with the other colors- the black liner is key and should stand out the most.



Take your time getting use to these eye makeup ideas. While the smokey eye is an easier technique for most women to adapt the others are for women who are not afraid to stand out. In time you may try them all.

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