Five Classic Makeup Looks havecenter i greve With all of the makeup trends that we see season after season one might think that we’re always looking forward without looking back. This is completely untrue however because most if not all makeup trends and techniques have some reliance on the classics. Here are five classic makeup looks that have set the standard for the rest. spørger dig selv bericht ndr falsche ćemo see december in het turks The Natural Look

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betreuung englisch deutsch go Just because you’re wearing makeup it doesn’t mean that anyone has to know about it. You can get natural looking makeup by keeping the use of colors and cosmetics down to a minimum. As far as eye shadows and lipstick go stick to the pink and brown family so that you look as if you wake up looking your best. If you choose to highlight your cheeks make sure to use the slightest touch of blush – after all the look is natural not eighties punk. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez adapted this look and modernized it by adding some bronzer and shimmery nude colored gloss. Whether you prefer the classic version or the updated one you really can’t go wrong in any way.

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pillars of creation Apply some smokey eye makeup and red lipstick to be turned into a sultry glamor queen fast. When done during the daytime this look is bold and daring but at night it’s sexy and sophisticated. The best thing about it is that it looks great on anyone regardless of their skin tone and age. Old favorites such as Audrey Hepburn looked beautiful in this markup look and new favorites such as Gwen Stefani are also known to love it.

plaatjes van jaloers zijn visit kneeling chin ups Lip Service outlander sæson 3 deli de luca drammen While most classic makeup looks bring attention to both the eyes and the lips or just the eyes this one brings attention to the lips. By using a bold color on your lips and using a neutral colored shadow with a touch of liner and mascara your lips will be the star of the show. This look is another classic used by many celebrities on different occasions.

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liegend transporte ulmerle Punk makeup is no longer just for ladies with multiple piercings and Mohawks. Many women today find that pink inspired makeup is a great way to explore their own creativity and add some color to their palette. The theme here is heavy eye liner, fat lashes and either natural or red lips. Not too far of a stretch from what a sophisticated look is before the final touches. The main difference comes in when you do a little bit of face art such as drawing a heart on your cheek and going punk with your hairdo.

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The futuristic look was popular in the seventies and its popular again today. You can get this look by applying metallic shades of your favorite colors to your eyes, lips and nails. While chrome silver and metallic blues are the most popular colors you will also find a lot of red, green and gold products on the market. This is a great look for the holidays.

vannfylt rund lykt lanterne All of these classic makeup looks are versatile and can be modernized so try them all out and see which works the best for you.

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