Futuristic Makeup

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When we think of the way people will look in the future we always imagine a cool, clean edgy look. We envision well groomed hair, neat form fitting clothes and edgy makeup. It’s an idea that people have been playing with for years and one that isn’t difficult to capture today with all of the trends and tools that we have at our disposal. Here are a few tips on futuristic makeup to start you off.

Clear Up– Use foundation and/ or concealer to hide any blemishes that may be taking attention away from your skin.

Use Metallic Colors– Skip the neutral palette and go for a bolder look by using metallic eye shadows such as silver and copper. These colors remind us of the future because they make us think about robots and what we can achieve through technology.

Thicken Up Those Lines– Don’t be afraid to use liquid liner to draw some thick bold lines to highlight your eyes. Feel free to get creative and draw longer lines and create wing tips or cat eyes.

Fatten Up Your Lashes– You didn’t think that futuristic mascara would leave your lashes looking skinny and boring, did you? Use your favorite black thickening mascara to bring out your lashes and complete the edgy futuristic makeup look that you’re trying to achieve.

Get Glossy– Use gloss rather than lipstick to make your lips look shiny and full. Be sure to use lip liner in the same shade as your gloss to control and bleeding that a red lipstick color may cause. You can use a nude colored gloss to add shine to your lips but keep the attention on your eyes. Either way, you can’t lose.

Sparkle– Use a highlighter to bring out the best of your features and minimize your problem areas. You can use a highlighter that has shimmer or a powder that to give your skin a nice glimmer.

Just because your makeup is futuristic it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your hair. Complete the look by adding hair oil to your locks so that you don’t have any unsightly fly-aways. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair, put in in a bun or in a ponytail for a truly futuristic look.

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