Hair Dying Tips From Orlando Hair Stylists

The inspiration for today’s post comes from a fabulous hair stylist from one of our own at our Orlando Beauty School. Coloring your hair is a great way make your hair look better and get you more easily noticed in a large crowd. We wanted to share some quick advice to help you color your hair and make it look better.

Try not to stray too far from your natural hair color

A change in hair color could be very dramatic and dashing but if it is too extreme. Try to stay within three to five shades of your natural hair color–the result will be that your natural hair color will more easily compliment giving you great new look.

Work with your skin tone

Your hair naturally compliments your skin tone. If you have darker hair it would be better to try and stay with darker shades than go for a very light shade. While a lighter skin tone would look better with more neutral tones.

If you are doing a permanent color change: Give it time to settle

After coloring the hair, let the newly colored hair settle–this usually takes about two weeks. Be careful when washing your hair–the shampoo may cause the color to dull if improperly or excessively used especially in the first few days. So be patient and let your color settle.

Always remember, regardless of choosing to color your hair or by keeping it  natural, to take good care of your hair treat your hair well and it will help you look beautiful.

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