Natural Face Creams to Combating Winter Season Skin

Winter is right around the corner and not only does that means heavier jackets and scarves, but dry skin. We know that the frigid weather and indoor heat, results in rough, flaky, moisture-ridden skin. Your face taking the grunt of it! While most of the other parts of your body are usually covered by warm articles of clothing, you’re face is usually exposed to the elements, even if you have some sort of face mask.

Cold weather breaks-down collagen which helps with elasticity and firmness–which could result in red flaky skin, even sometimes resulting in fine lines and irritation. The most important thing that you could wear this winter is have your face moisturizer at all times. Look for something with natural ingredients–something that not only replenishes moisture loss, but also seals in existing moisture.

Here, a few of the best natural winter-tested creams to save face:

Wheat germ moisturizing face creams:

Wheat germ face creams are usually 100% natural and contain essential compounds that help skin metabolism and regeneration. Wheat germ also boosts skin’s natural exfoliation process, which is critical for allowing softer, newer, and more radiant skin cells to surface. Here is one we recommend.

Soy face creams:

Soy is essential in restoring proteins and reviving skin cells–by using amino acids to promote collagen production. Look for creams that have SPF protection–even in the winter you have to protect your face from UV rays. Something with at least SPF 15 should work. We like this one if you are looking for a good Soy face cream.

Jojoba face creams:

We love jojoba face creams but these range from very inexpensive to extremely expensive. We recommend looking for creams that have jojoba oil in them.

Jojoba oils has exceptional skin-softening properties promoting skin suppleness while assisting with the rejuvenation of the skin. It also helps to balance the production of sebum – your skin’s own lubricating medium.

Regardless of what type of cream you use, remember to moisturize and take care of your skin. These winters can be brutal on your face–and you only have one!

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