Makeup For a Night Out That Could Last You Until Morning

(photo by: Lu Muñoz)

Ah, the night is upon us and we must look our absolute best. You shower and get zestfully fresh. Your hair is washed, conditioned, dried, and styled. You pick your clothes out, shoes to match, a purse and you’ve almost put together the perfect going-out look. The only thing left to do is apply makeup to tie the whole thing together, leaving yourself elegant from the moment you apply that last dab of mascara. But beware…don’t overdo it!

All too often we at MyBeautySchool see ladies stepping out on the town with misguided, caked-on style. Makeup is meant to accentuate the features, not be the features! With that being said here are some tips on making sure the makeup you wear stays light and radiant throughout the evening and, God forbid you don’t wash it off before your head touches the pillow, even looks crisp and clean when you wake up in the morning.

1. Foundation is just that. A foundation.

When applying foundation and cover up make sure you address what needs covering up (if anything at all – go natural, we love it!) and lightly, we repeat, LIGHTLY apply foundation evenly. It is far too noticeable when a woman puts on too much makeup, but the right amount will leave people wondering if there’s any makeup at all. It should be thinned out and complementary of your skin tone, not an 1/8th of an inch thick and impossibly darker than the rest of your skin.

2. Just the right amount of Mascara

Mascara is an important component in a total, made-up look. Though if we comb too much of the stuff through our eyelashes it can tend to clump together and look heavy. A light brushing of your eyelashes will keep them perky, defined, and will allow them to complement your eye without overpowering it.

3. Eyes Shadow and Liner that will Keep them Guessing

Eye shadow can very quickly get out of hand. We put it on, start to apply it on our eyelids, and next thing you know it can be on the bridge of your nose, up to your eyebrow, and generally all over the place. A light, complementary color can keep things subtle but elegant long into the night. Eyeliner should be applied as if you’re going on a date, not as if you’re in an Emo band.

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