5 Tips For Longer, Better, Faster (Growing), Stronger Hair

Summer’s almost over and fall weather is almost upon us. Maybe this means you’re starting to think about growing out your hair for a sexy, longer style. If so, we have some tips for how to kickstart your hair growth so that you won’t get stuck waiting all winter for your style to grow in. Most importantly – you have to keep your hair healthy. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how!

1. Get a trim

Of course, your main objective here is to get long luscious locks, but it’s a big mistake to go without a trim even though you hate to part with any length. Trimming off the broken ends of your hair will help keep hair looking healthy and will remove the parts most subject to damage. When your ends are unhealthy they rub together and catch on each other, causing excess hair loss. And you definitely don’t want that when you’re trying to achieve rapunzelesque lengths.

2. Lay off the Heat

We all style our hair, and we all have a tendency to apply heat liberally to get the look we want. However, heat is probably the most damaging risk factor for hair. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t ever blow dry your hair, but it could be a good idea to reduce the number of times a week you are styling with heat. Straighteners and curling irons are particularly bad, so try limiting their use to only when it is absolutely necessary. Also, if you are going to apply heat, always make sure to use a protective spray or balm beforehand to help minimize damage.

3. Avoid Chemicals

Use of chemicals is another common way that people damage their hair. The chemicals in hair dyes, treated swimming pools, and even many hair products can be very harsh. If you’re really serious about getting long hair fast, it’s necessary to avoid harsh chemicals at all costs. That means no dye jobs and minimal exposure to other chemicals. A good tip is to pick up a sulfate-free shampoo. These shampoos do not contain the harsh chemicals that cause most shampoos to “bubble.” But don’t worry, just because there aren’t as many suds, doesn’t mean the shampoo isn’t cleaning your hair!

4. Deep Condition

Use a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment once every 1-2 weeks. These treatments restore moisture to thirsty tresses, helping your hair stay healthy longer.

5. Scalp Massage

Maybe it sounds like an old wives tale, but the experts agree – massaging your scalp can help stimulate hair growth. Giving yourself a quick daily scalp massage not only feels amazing, it also helps loosen up dirt and oil on your head, allowing new hair room to grow in.

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