Punk Makeup

Now that the runways have been flooded with punk fashion punk makeup is a big trend for the fall. Before you start running for the hills keep in mind that the punk makeup that is in style this season is not as drastic as the punk looks that we’ve seen in the past and is very different than goth makeup. This season the makeup is more wearable, more versatile and can be used with a series of the seasons trends. Ready? Here’s how to do punk makeup.

Start with a clean face as you would before applying a more simple looking makeup. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser to wash your skin with and to clean your skin with toner to get rid of any leftover dirt or residue.

  • Apply foundation evenly to your skin. Make sure to not have any streaks and try to get your foundation to look as natural as possible. If you want a true punk look use foundation that is one shade lighter than the foundation that you would normally use.
  • Now start figuring out what colors you want to use in your punk eye makeup. Bold colored eye shadow that standout such as metallic chrome, blue, yellow and hot pink are popular colors to use when you’re trying to achieve a punk makeup look. A popular technique that is used often is the smokey eye technique and since you’re in a playful mood today you can get more creative with it than you normally would.
  • Next it’s time to apply black eye liner. If you want a softer look use a pencil liner, but if you want definition use a liquid liner. Draw a thick edgy line to bring out your eyes. The line can be elongated or angular and can go from being thin by your tear ducts to very wide and go past your outer eye area.
  • The last step in doing your punk eye makeup  is to apply black mascara- and make those lashes thick.
  • Now for the lips. You can either use a bold color on your lips or you can apply natural looking gloss to your lips. If you go with the bold color you will take some attention away from your eyes but have a great look. If you go with natural lipstick then your eyes will stand out more. Rule of thumb- the darker your eye makeup is the lighter your lips should be.
  • Incorporating blush into your punk makeup is totally up to you. You can apply a touch, apply a lot or use none at all.

There is one real rule to applying punk makeup and that is that you should have fun with your makeup. Let the creativity flow and express your artistic side. Have fun!

Image from http://www.beauty-cosmetic-guide.com/

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