Rock Star Hairstyles That We’ll Never Forget

Besides selling millions of albums and being loved by millions of fans worldwide an attribute that makes a rock star is the look of the person. Madonna reinvented herself dozens of time to get noticed while Lady Gaga wore meat. Other rock stars get edgy hairdos to stand out and get noticed. Here are some of our favorite rock star hairstyles of all time.

Tina Turner– Tina went to a hairdresser to get her hair dyed but due to technical difficulties lost some of her hair so she started to wear a wig. One day while she was on tour she hung the wet wig upside down to dry and when she turned it right-side up again she held what would be known as her trademark hairstyle during the eighties. Later on in her career she changed her hairstyle to a more mature but gorgeous coarsely layered do with highlights. While we love both looks on her it’s the first of the two that we’ll always remember and love the most.

Elvis Presley– Elvis changed his hairstyle and color based on who he admired and what he wanted to look like. Unlike many of the rock stars of his day, Elvis didn’t care about what the mainstream thought. He styled his hair in a manner that he liked using influences from other nationalities and celebrities. In the 1950’s he dyed his hair mousy brown and had a style that was considered to be sexy yet wholesome (sideburns included). In the 1960’s he wore his hair in the Rockabilly fashion that was popular back then. In the 1970’s he went longer and almost hippie-like.

Cindi Lauper– Cindi proved that girls just want to have fun by dyeing her hair a red-orange color that could be see a mile away. Although her career quieted down after her second album Cindi continued to sing and with the release of a new album she showed off a new hairdo. The new look featured a more blonde Cindi but one that is just as edgy and unique as the original.

Steven Tyler– The lead singer of Aerosmith comes from a long line of hairband rock stars. What makes him stand out from the others however is that even though he’s over sixty years old he still has one of the best heads of hair in the industry. To this day girls all over the world love to check out Steven’s hair and dream of getting the same beautiful locks.

Jon Bon Jovi– Another rock star from the hairband days, Bon Jovi also had a mountain of flowy wavy hair. After a short hiatus from his music however, he came back with a softer sound and one of the best  rock star hairstyles. The fans took notice and so did Versace which is why he got to show off his great new do in Versace’s ads in 1997.

Joan Jet– The ultimate female rock star had the most edgy and well known cut of her day. Joan’s spikey shag style was part of her appeal to the masses. Since the movie ‘The Runaways’ came out Joan has recently started wearing her hair in that same shag that we all love so much again.

Flock of Seagulls– We can’t have a list about rock star hairstyles without talking about a New Wave band from the eighties called a Flock of Seagulls. Men copied their look and movies featured it. Although it’s not a look that we would want to see again in the near future, it’s definitely one that got the world to take notice.

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