The Complementary Make-up According To Your Hair Color

When it comes to finding your perfect makeup palette, let your hair color be your guide. Not all makeup palette colors go well with all hair colors and sometimes it can be hard to break the habit of using colors that you’re accustomed to.

When you look at yourself in the mirror pay attention to the color of your hair—here are some tips according to your hair color:


This type of hair color can make many complexions look pale. Avoid pastels and other pale shades. Try to add deeper colors of blush to your cheeks and lips to make them stand out. Great lip colors to look into are rosy pinks, rosy browns and bluish reds. Neutral shades of browns and mochas look great on the eyes for a dramatic or soft and sexy look. If you’re adventurous add a little sparkle to your eyelids.


Avoid matte nudes — they can make your look washed out. Instead opt for dark-neutral toned shimmery eye shadows and liners (grey goes great with blonde!). Go with a bronze shimmer cheeks to give you a sun-kissed look and with your lips go with a lighter lip color to brighten your complexion.


Since these shades create a warm complexion, you’ll want your makeup to do the same. Eye makeup colors should neutral shades – dark brown, taupe, grey, green, and reddish brown work great. Add a touch of rosy brown, copper shades of blush to your cheeks and stick to bare pinks for your lips. Try layering deep-purple eye pencil with brown shadow for a subtle kick of color.

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