The Perfect Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

The eyes are the window to your soul. They eyes convey love, hate, sadness, and almost every emotion under the sun.  You have a date tonight or are going to a corporate event and need to choose an eye shadow but you’re not sure which one.

Why not invite lovers, potential lovers, friends, or no one but yourself to see the potential of your soul with the right eye shadow?

One of the most basic mistakes that we make is that we match our eye color to the eye shadow. This is mistake number one and should be avoided at all cost. A combination of using your eye color and your skin tone are the two most important things when choosing eye shadow and are not correlated with eye color only. is here to help you with some quick on which eyeshadow color will look best on you:

Blue Eyes

With blue eyes please heed to the advice “stay away from blue eye shadow”! Your eyes will pop if you go with a more earth-tones—browns, warm taupes, greys, and even some soft peaches if you’re daring.


The classic looks for grey eyes are to stick with cool colors like charcoals, nice cool browns, and even purples to bring out their potential by brightening your brow bone.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most adaptable eyes to any eye shadow color. Some colors that will definitely make your eyes pop are green and even blue! Experiment with gold and even tangerine. Go wild the eye shadow world is your oyster!

Green Eyes / Hazel Eyes

Green eyes are so intriguing and in order to make them pop use purples. Classy colors more suitable for the workplace are golden browns, deep khakis, mocha browns, soft violets, and even a lavender-purple shade.

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