Waxing Drama-Rama: 3 Tips To Help With The Pain

She looks like a fish. by Elisabeth Moore.

With summer approaching, a certain painful experience is looming in the heads of many women. This lip-biting, fist clenching experience is none other than the summer time wax.

Talk about drama-rama!

Unfortunately, waxing is an unavoidable, seasonal chore. The razor/laser alternatives are either short term solutions or extremely expensive. Yet, nobody wants to be spotted at the beach with unwanted hair. For this reason, most women must accept that this painful process is in their near future. However, there are ways to minimize the pain of this otherwise excruciating experience while keeping your legs silky smooth.

Our first tip comes from a preemptive approach:

Taking a single aspirin or other pain medication can help numb your skin’s nerves and make the most painful waxing slightly more bearable. While some may feel this initial step sounds excessive, they will instantly regret not popping an ibuprofen as they have the hair ripped out from their upper lip. The pain med approach also acts as a significantly better numbing precaution in comparison to cold water or ice. Any cold numbing process actually triggers your pores to tighten up and cling on to hairs more tightly — not a desirable effect before ripping them out.

As the application of cold temperatures tightens skin pores, warm temperatures do just the opposite. For this reason, we suggest a warm shower to relax your pores (along with their grip upon unwanted hair). However, be sure not to begin waxing if you have recently taken a hot shower. Any extra amount of heat can damage layers of your skin and make them prone to being pulled off, along with hair, as you wax. If you have recently been sunbathing, be sure to wait a considerable amount of time before you begin waxing.

Lastly, unless you are an expert cosmetologist or esthetician, we advise having someone else assist you in waxing. Unprofessional waxing can easily lead to bruised or bumpy skin — almost as undesirable as the hair in the first place!

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